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Does the EcO use Bluetooth or WiFi?
Does the EcO use Bluetooth or WiFi?

Find out how EcO connects to your mobile app

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How does EcO connect to my smartphone?

The EcO pool assistant connects to your smartphone via BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy). Much less energy intensive than WiFi, and more reliable than Sigfox, BLE technology allows your EcO to operate for 2 years without recharging.

Can I extend the connection range?

Do you want to access your EcO analyzes from the office, your vacation spot or anywhere in the world? Adopt the iopool Bluetooth / WiFi relay today. Thanks to this relay offered as an accessory, you no longer need to be near the swimming pool to always have up-to-date analyzes. Want to know more about the iopool Bluetooth / WiFi relay? Read our article.

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