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Have You Received Your EcO Monitor and Want To Place It In Your Pool?
Have You Received Your EcO Monitor and Want To Place It In Your Pool?

Find out how to connect your probe to our application

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Did you just receive your EcO Monitor and want to place it in your pool?

First, we suggest you download the iopool app on your smartphone/tablet. (more info)

Once the application is installed, and your account is connected, you will be prompted to create your pool. (more info)

Once the pool is created, you can activate your EcO and link it to your application. To do this, follow the instructions on the screen.

Connect my EcO

Once you have scanned your pack, the iopool home screen will ask you to link an EcO. You can also link an EcO via "my pool > Devices > link an EcO".

Notes :

  • To connect your EcO, you must be connected to the Internet, activate Bluetooth and geolocation of your phone.

  • No manual connection via the Bluetooth menu of your device is necessary.

Once the EcO is activated and connected to your application, no additional connection manipulation will be necessary.

💡 Also note that after the first connection, the EcO will not beep when you return it.

EcO will automatically send its analyzes to your smartphone when it is within range of its Bluetooth signal.

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