The “magic” tablet 5-in-1 for the maintenance of the pool water, did you already saw it? They became very popular. Why? Simply because of their ease of use. Indeed, Who doesn’t dream of simply throw one or two tablets in his skimmer to have clear and clean water?

However, ease and security do not always sit well together. Indeed, one of the components, copper sulfate, is harmful for the environment but also for your health. See why.

Multifunctional tablets composition

 Multifunctional tablets are made with : 

  • Symclosene also called “trichloroisocyanuric acid”.

  • Boric acid also called “boric or orthoboric acid”.

  • Aluminum sulphate also called “alumina sulfate”.

  • Copper sulphate, also called “blue vitriol”.

By combining these 4 components, you are sure that your water will be easily maintained. Perfectly dosed, 3 of these products are safe. They ensure the disinfection of water and prevent the appearance of algae in your pool.

However, by applying this treatment, you are loading your water into products that are not necessarily needed at the time of treatment. Excessive use is not good for the environment but also for your health.

The harmful component: copper sulphate

As you can see, only one element of these pebbles is problematic: copper sulphate. This substance has been classified as dangerous by the European Union (EU) because it may be toxic if too much is present. It is also banned from use in a good number of countries, as in Belgium for example.

 Copper sulphate has no evaporation property. The consequence? The more 5-in-1 tablets you add, the more your water will charge with copper sulphate.

Few figures :

  • A multifunctional roller may contain up to 1.3% copper sulphate.

  • WHO (the World Health Organization) considers that drinking water is safe if it contains less than 2 mg / L of copper.

Let’s start with an example of a swimming pool of 50m³. When does your water pose a danger to your health and the environment?

  • Harmful to the environment: from only 4 tablets, your water is considered in a non-ecological state.

  • Harmful to health: from 145 tablets, your water is no longer considered drinkable.

In conclusion: we can consider that multifunctional rollers, in addition to being bad for health, are also bad for the environment. And this, very quickly!

What are the real risks for you and your pool?

An overdose of copper sulphate presents several dangers:

  • A danger for the equipment of your swimming pool, this can, for example, lead to a degradation of the liner.

  • But also for bathers: with itchy skin and eye irritation.

Its use is, therefore, to be avoided as much as possible. To get rid of it, it is necessary to perform a complete emptying of the basin. This proves to be a heavy task and, in addition, expensive.

What you need to remember:

It is true that multifunctional rollers offer ease of use but have several significant disadvantages. For both your health and the environment, this type of pebble is not recommended. In addition, using this type of roller, you use more chemicals than necessary.

Each pool water has different needs for its maintenance. Whether it is the size of the basin, the weather conditions, the surrounding flora or the number of bathers.

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