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The values ​​of chemistry according to iopool
The values ​​of chemistry according to iopool

Our vision on chemicals products for swimming pool

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Our conviction

We are convinced that, thanks to our connected assistant and our application, any owner of a swimming pool can carry out the maintenance of the water of his swimming pool himself, without the intervention of a professional, by using less products than with any other solution.

In practice ?

Selection of cleaning products

iopool has selected a range of maintenance products to balance and keep your pool water healthy and clear. For this, we have worked in collaboration with CEBEDEAU, an independent laboratory active in the analysis and treatment of water since 1947.

Our wide range of treatment products allows you to cover all aspects of water treatment. These are chemicals that combine efficiency and respect for the environment. The chosen products are clearly labeled to make them easier to understand and use.

Dosage & recommendations

No longer play the sorcerer's apprentice. By using our maintenance products combined with one of our packs, the connected EcO probe supports you and avoids hazardous dosages. Via our mobile application, the EcO probe recommends specific treatments: the right product, in the right quantity, at the right time.

Accessibility & understanding

So that swimming pool water management is no longer a puzzle and achievable for everyone, we would like to explain to you in simple words what each product in our range can bring you. How?

  • Through a description of each product and its effects in our online store;

  • Via a color code system present on our cleaning products, which allows you to easily make the link with the recommendations given by our mobile application.

And tomorrow ?

iopool constantly analyzes, tests and selects new maintenance products in order to offer you the most effective, ecological and easy-to-use products to make your swimming pool water healthy and clear.

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