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Can I use cleaning products from another brand?
Can I use cleaning products from another brand?

Why iopool products are perfect for you.

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Why do we recommend the use of iopool products

The iopool offer is based on three fundamental pillars:

In order to receive optimal service and efficiency, it is recommended to use these three products together. Once your water is analyzed by the probe, the application will recommend one or more treatments, expressed in iopool reference spoon(s) provided in your Start Pack. The quantity of products to be added to your water is calculated very precisely thanks to the dimensions of your pool, but also to the chemical properties of our products.

We have tested and selected our cleaning products among the best on the market and we strive to guarantee the best possible price-performance ratio.

Using products from another brand is still possible

You are not obligated to use iopool products. Of course, if you still have products in stock, you can finish this stock by following the recommendations of the iopool app. But, if you use other products to perform the treatments recommended by iopool, the results of treatments may vary.

For example, we know exactly the proportion of chlorine and stabilizer in our stabilized chlorine pebbles. From one brand to another, this ratio changes and therefore you could saturate your pool by stabilizing much faster.

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