In the iopool mobile app, you will find besides the measurement of pH and the water temperature, the measure of the disinfection capacity of your water or the redox potential of your water (ORP).

This measurement is expressed in millivolts (mV) and is based on several parameters:

  • pH or potential Hydrogen,
  • TAC or Complete Alkalimetric Title,
  • the stabilizer rate,
  • the free chlorine level.

It is estimated that between 650 mV and 750mV (for a pH between 7.2 and 7.4), the pool water is properly disinfected.

  • Below 650 mV, the water is no longer enough disinfectant and the risk of bacteria proliferation will be increased.
  • Above 750 mV, water is considered too oxidizing. Water becomes aggressive for swimmers and pond equipment.

Please note : 

  • PH has a very strong influence on ORP. That’s why the iopool app will first correct your pH before recommending the addition of disinfectant.
  • Following a shock to chlorine or active oxygen, the disinfection capacity can rise above 750 mV but will stabilize at an ideal value after some time.

More information on disinfecting potential from your water?

Feel free to contact our Support via the app, the Facebook page or the iopool contact form.

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