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What is the filtration time for your pool water?
What is the filtration time for your pool water?

iopool helps you save money by accurately calculating the daily filtration time.

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There are several factors to consider when determining the optimal daily filtration time for your pool. The water temperature is the most well known. Often you will be told to simply divide the temperature by two to get the optimum filtration time. However, using this rule can be unnecessarily energy consuming, especially if you have a good pump.

How to determine the exact filtration time?

The best way to determine the ideal daily filtration time for your pool is to calculate the time it takes to filter the entire pool water (= one cycle), using the following calculation:

Filtration time (in hour) = total water volume of the pool (in gal) / the filtration rate of your pump (in gal / hour).

The number of cycles will then be adapted according to the water temperature.

We generally observe the following recommendations:

  • Water > 77°F : we recommend 3 complete filtration cycles, at least 12 hours;

  • 68 °F < water< 75°F : count approximately 1 to 2 filtration cycles from 10 to 11 hours;

  • 59°F < water < 68°F : 1 complete cycle is enough;

  • 50°F < water < 57°F : ½ or even ¼ cycle, which take approximately between 1 and 2 hours;

  • Water < 50°F : in this case daily filtration is optional.

Filtration time in the iopool app

Once the volume of the pool and the flow rate of your pump are encoded in the app, iopool will suggest a minimum recommended filtration time, adapted to your pool and variable according to the water temperature.

For any further information, contact support from the website or application.

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