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My EcO No Longer Connects

You are not receiving any measurements from your EcO?

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⚠️ To receive new analyzes of your pool water, you must always: be connected to the internet (wifi or 4g mobile data), activate your Bluetooth connection and the geolocation of your smartphone.

What if the connection with EcO no longer works?

After some time of using your EcO and the iopool application, you no longer receive analyzes? Even near your swimming pool, EcO no longer sends you the parameters of your water?

Here are some usual checks to do before contacting our technical team:

  • Or your EcO "beep" when you turn it upside down. This means that it is on standby. To connect it to your swimming pool, go to "Swimming pool configuration" then "Reconnect an EcO" and follow the various steps. ;

  • Either your EcO does not "beep" when you turn it over. It is because it is in analysis mode and correctly connected to your app. Returning the EcO or attempting to "Reconnect an EcO" is then NO USEFUL. Rather, you should check whether the various connectivity settings of your next smartphone/tablet are correctly configured.

    1. The internet connection is active. It allows communication between your phone and our servers/recommendation engine. ;

    2. The Bluetooth connection is active. It allows dialogue between your EcO analyzer and your smartphone. ;

    3. The activation of geolocation is active. It is required by Android operating systems when using BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) devices such as the EcO analyzer.

Once the connectivity settings have been verified, close your app completely and then reopen it again.

Finally, check that the cap of your EcO is in the analysis position as shown in this animation before putting it in the pool/spa.

Gif showing how to place the EcO cap in analysis mode

Your connectivity settings are correct and the plug is correctly positioned as on the animation but the problem persists? Contact support from the app or website.

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