Are you no longer receiving analyses from your EcO and iopool application? 

Even near your pool, EcO no longer transmits the parameters of your water to you? 

Here are some common troubleshooting checks you should try before contacting our technical team.

To receive new analyses of your pool water, you must always: 

Be connected to the Internet (WiFi or mobile data), activate your Bluetooth connection and your geolocation. 


  • The internet connection allows communication between your phone and our servers/recommendation engine.

  • The Bluetooth connection allows the dialogue between your EcO analyzer and your smartphone. 

  • Enabling geolocation is a requirement for Android operating systems when using BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) devices such as the EcO pool monitor.

Therefore, it is important to check whether these settings are activated in your smartphone's settings. Then, close your application completely and reopen it again. 

If your problem is not solved, you can contact our support team directly in the app (support tab) or via our website.

We will answer as soon as possible to resolve your concern.

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