How to solve connection problems with Huawei

If you are experiencing a poor Bluetooth connection between your Huawei smartphone and your EcO smart monitor and can't get new pool water analysis,
it may be necessary to adjust the App Launch settings on the phone to allow the iopool app to run in the background. 

Be advised that these steps may vary between different phone models. 

For specific instructions please refer to your phone's manual. The following steps are provided as a general guide: 

  1. Swipe down from the top of the home screen;

  2. Select the Settings cog icon;

  3. Select "Battery";

  4. Select "App Launch";

  5. Choose the iopool app;

  6. Ensure "Auto-launch" and "Run in background" are enabled;

  7. Be sure the app is "Manage manually".

Screenshot of Huawei smartphones settings in case of connection problem with the iopool application

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