⚠️ Please note that your account on the iopool app and the iopool shop are not linked. Please make sure that you have created an account in the shop in addition to the mobile app account.

Create your account in the shop and collect your EcO points!

Create your account now on the iopool shop and automatically receive 50 EcO points offered by iopool.

Collect EcO points with every purchase!

Every time you buy in the iopool shop, you will receive EcO points depending on the amount of your order.

  • 1€ spent = 10 EcO points.

  • 10€ spent = 100 EcO points.

  • And so on...

To check your points balance, go to your account in shop.

Redeem your EcO points for discounts

In order to activate your reward, you will need to go to your account in shop, choose the reward you are entitled to, and redeem it for your EcO points.

You will then automatically receive a discount code which you can redeem on your next order in our online shop.

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