Choosing the socket for your WiFi relay

First of all, choose a wall outlet that is conveniently positioned in the Bluetooth field of your EcO. The closer the gateway is to the pool, the better the connection will be. Choose an outlet that is less than 35ft from the pool.

Also check on your smartphone that you are receiving the WiFi signal from your home at the location of the socket. Choose a socket that is sheltered from rain and other bad weather.

Now that you found the perfect spot, let's connect it

Once the gateway is plugged in, a multi-color led will light up.

  • Check that you have Bluetooth, internet and location enabled on your phone
  • Open the iopool app
  • Settings > Link a gateway
  • Once the gateway is detected, your phone will display the available WiFi networks.
  • Choose your WiFi network and enter the network password.
  • Success! The relay is well connected to your pool and the LED lights up steady green.

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