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How do I delete a pool or spa in the iopool app?
How do I delete a pool or spa in the iopool app?

Did you create a pool by mistake? You can delete it very easily from your app.

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⚠️ Please note, it is only possible to delete a swimming pool or a spa if no pack or EcO is linked to it. You cannot delete an active pool.

How to remove a swimming pool or a spa?

Have you created an extra pool or spa in your iopool app and want to delete it? Do you want to delete a pool or spa whose access has been shared? Here's the procedure to follow :

  1. Go to the Plus menu;

  2. Click on "My pools / spas";

  3. Choose the pool you want to delete;

  4. Press the "Delete my pool" button.

Additional parameters screen of the iopool application
Confirmation screen for deleting a pool from the iopool application

If you don't see the red "Delete my pool" button, either:

  • You have a pack and / or an EcO linked to this pool;

  • You are currently on the pool you are trying to delete. In this case simply switch from pool and then try to delete it again.

If you want to delete a pool with a pack or an EcO already linked, first think about modifying this pool. If you really want to remove it, contact us on support through the website or app.

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