How do I activate an iopool pack?

Have you received your EcO-START or your Test-Kit? Link it to your pool easily in the iopool app.

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Welcome to iopool!

If you're here, you've just received your iopool pack and want to add it to the app.

How to link a pack to an already created pool

  1. Pool configuration;

  2. Activate a pack;

  3. Scan the QR code on the "Start Guide" of your pack. If you're "Start Guide" was missing, you can retrieve one there.

  4. If your pack contains an EcO, follow the connection and launching procedures.

Activation screen of the EcO pack of the iopool application
Ecran d'autorisation d'utilisation de la caméra de l'application iopool
Confirmation screen for the activation of the EcO pack of the iopool application

Once the pack has been scanned and activated, you will be directly invited to scan the iopool maintenance products that you have received in the pack. You can directly scan the QR codes on the labels of the different products.

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