⚠️ The flocculant is recommended for sand filters. Do NOT use with cartridge, bag or diatom filters.

What is the flocculant?

Your water is perfectly balanced, the pH and the disinfection potential is good and yet microparticles are in suspension? After a shock treatment in green water, it has become whitish or cloudy? You can then use the iopool sock flocculant to clarify your water. These are slowly dissolving flocculant pellets packaged in a 100g sock. The flocculant will have a magnetic action which will agglomerate the microparticles that your filter lets through. These will then be retained by your filter or will settle at the bottom of the pool. It will then suffice to vacuum them with your robot or bottom vacuum cleaner.

Flocculant sock iopool - instructions for use

  1. Check the compatibility of your filter with the flocculant;

  2. Backwash the filter and clean it (s) basket (s) of your skimmer (s). Note the pressure on the manometer.;

  3. Check and adjust the pH between 7.0 and 7.4.;

  4. Place one sock of flocculant per 40 m3.;

  5. Let the filtration run (between 24 and 48 hours) to capture the particles agglomerated by the flocculant;

  6. The filter pressure must have increased a bit. Then carry out again a backwashing of the sand of your filter.;

  7. After the flocculant has dissolved, remove the water-insoluble sock.

Floculant in sock from iopool
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