iopool offers a standardized white spoon in all packs which is used to dose all powder products very simply. This spoon has a capacity of 80ml and has been tested and weighed for each product.

The density of each iopool product is different and well known by the recommendation system.

The app performs the calculations for you and gives you instructions that couldn't be simpler to follow 👍

Want absolute precision? In the app, it is possible to configure the treatments in either grams or spoons.

For a default setting in the iopool app, go to:

  • Settings
  • Quantities of treatments
  • Choose between using the spoon provided by iopool or not

With each treatment recommendation

  • The app offers a switch conversion between spoon and gram for each recommended treatment (for powdered products).

"I didn't get the white iopool spoon, but there are graduated pods in my products."

The measuring scoops in the products are not to be used for pool management with iopool. Their capacity is too small to treat a pool.

"I did not receive the white iopool spoon, but instead I received two clear, ungraduated pods."

These are pods of the same capacity as the iopool spoon. Unfortunately due to a supply shortage in the middle of the season, we had to use spoons from another supplier. A clear, ungraduated pod has the same capacity as the white spoon shown in the app. You received two of them because they are a little less resistant.

"I didn't get a white spoon or I misplaced it, I'd like to get one."

No problem! The spoon is now fully in stock and you can get an iopool spoon in our shop (avoid unnecessary deliveries by adding the spoon to your order of cleaning products).

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