How and where can I store my pool maintenance products?

Chemicals should be stored in their original packaging and closed tightly in a well ventilated and dry room.

It is advisable to limit the storage of large quantities of swimming pool chemicals and limit the storage time of these products. A damp or wet product should not be returned in a closed packaging or in its original packaging.

Note also that these products generally do not withstand freezing or excessively high temperatures.

They must not exceed a certain storage period, beyond which they then become unstable.

The storage of chemicals can be risky, here are some tips to prevent them:

  • Keep the products in locked rooms, out of the reach of children and pets;

  • Keep the products in a well ventilated and dry room as humidity can cause household accidents such as fire or explosion;

  • Keep the products in a cool, non-sunny place as the heat on the products can emit fumes that cannot be inhaled and cause eye or throat irritation;

  • Keep products upright so that they cannot spill and create chemical reactions with other products.

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