How to activate a replacement EcO?

Have you received a new replacement EcO and want to connect it to your pool? Follow these steps easily in the iopool app.

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How to link your new EcO to your pool or spa?

If you are here, you have just received a new EcO or a replacement monitor and want to connect it in place of your old defective EcO.

Please do not create a new pool in the app but simply follow the steps below.

Grab your new EcO Monitor and open iopool app

  1. Go to the "My pool" or "My Spa" page;

  2. Click on "Devices";

  3. Click on "EcO"

  4. Click on the "Change my EcO" button;

  5. Follow the steps to connect your new EcO.

Now that your new EcO is connected, what to do with the old one?

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