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How to carry out an initiative treatment?
How to carry out an initiative treatment?

Find out when and how it is possible to perform a treatment without having had a recommendation from the application first.

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When to declare an initiative treatment?

The iopool app guides you in the treatments to be performed to keep your water clean, healthy, and balanced throughout the season. However, there are several situations where you could add products without the app having recommended them beforehand.

For example:

  • You add your slow chlorine pebbles or tablets regularly as soon as the previous one is melted;

  • You are going on vacation or away for a few days and want to perform a preventive treatment to keep your water clean during your absence;

  • You notice the proliferation of algae despite correct balance parameters and wish to carry out a shock treatment (for example in case of heatwave);

  • Etc.

We invite you to declare these personal initiatives in the app to keep your treatment history and your inventory of products up to date.

How to perform an initiative treatment?

  1. Press the central button of the app menu (with the dot);

  2. Go to the "Treatments" section;

  3. Press the "+" button located in the upper right corner of the screen;

  4. Press the "Make an initiative treatment" button;

  5. Choose the product you wish to add;

  6. Adjust the quantity to match the treatment you have done;

  7. Validate the treatment by pressing the button "Modify the quantity" so that it is taken into account in the app and deducted from your stock.

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