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iopool Gateway - Bluetooth connection problem
iopool Gateway - Bluetooth connection problem

You have a communication problem between your EcO and your iopool Gateway.

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Preliminary remarks

EcO communicates with your Gateway as with your smartphone, via Bluetooth.
It is recommended to keep a maximum distance of 10 meters between EcO and the iopool gateway. Physical obstacles such as doors, walls, shutters, tarpaulin, etc.. may reduce this distance.

I cannot retrieve new analysis through my Gateway

EcO analysis do not come back via your Gateway and the iopool application informs you that it is a Bluetooth communication issue between the probe and the Gateway?

Here are some possible solutions:

  • Connect your Gateway to an outlet closer to the pool. The distance between the EcO and the Gateway should not exceed 10 meters.

  • Block your EcO in the part of the pool closest to the Gateway in order to prevent it from going out of reach of the Gateway and avoid loss of connection,

  • Limit the physical barriers between EcO and the Gateway (e.g. place your Gateway behind window rather than a wall, do not leave EcO under a pool cover or shutter, remove EcO from the pool skimmer, etc.)

If you still have connection problems, please contact iopool support.

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