Putting it into winter storage

In order to change the account EcO probe, it will first be necessary to put it into winterization mode. To do this, you must :

  1. Access the "My Pool" menu;

  2. On the "My EcO" page ;

  3. Press "Put EcO into winter storage" *;

  4. Follow step by step the steps to put the pool in winterization mode explained in the videos.

To confirm that your sensor is in winterization mode, it should beep when you turn it over.

Unlink EcO from your account

Next, it will be necessary to unlink EcO from your account. This step cannot be done in the app. To do this, please contact customer support directly in the app (Screen Plus → Support) or at hello@iopool.com. Our team will be able to unlink your EcO remotely.

Once this step is completed, you can then safely resell your EcO or change it to another account.

NB: In order to create a pool on the new account, it will again be necessary to scan the QR code present in the Start Guide.

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