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Active wintering with iopool
Active wintering with iopool

Do you carry out active wintering? iopool supports you.

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⚠️ Warning: active winterization is not suitable for above ground pools!

Active wintering or passive wintering?

Whether you choose active or passive wintering, the first stages of wintering are common (more info here).

You choose to carry out an active wintering?

Active wintering should be preferred in areas benefiting from mild temperatures during winter, if you want to enjoy your pool visually throughout the year or for ease of use. During active wintering, no tarpaulin is needed. In addition, the return to service is simplified in the spring, during the summer.

After completing the steps common to both types of wintering (more info here), you must:

  1. Choose the "Active wintering" mode in the iopool app;

  2. Keep the water level at mid-height of the skimmer (s);

  3. Check the pH of your water once a month using the iopool manual analysis strips;

  4. Run your filtration minimum 4 hours / day (favor the very beginning of the morning during the coldest hours);

  5. Use a long-lasting disinfection product such as chlorine tablets;

  6. Add a winterizing product (optional, not provided by iopool).

For all additional information related to your installation technique, we advise you to contact your pool installer in order to benefit from the advice best suited to your system.

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