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How to use iopool app with your test strips?
How to use iopool app with your test strips?

iopool app is now usable with any kind of test strips available.

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iopool water test strips

We recommend the use of iopool test strips. They have been selected for their accuracy in analyzing the 6 fundamental parameters of water balance. 5 test strips are supplied with each EcO START pack.

How to enter iopool test strip results in the app?

  1. Dip the strip for 2 seconds in the water of the spa or pool;

  2. Remove the strip from the water and shake off the excess water;

  3. Compare the strip with the cardboard reference color chart;

  4. Encode the corresponding boxes on the app's reference grid;

  5. Get a perfect treatment recommendation.

Running out of test strips?

Why does iopool ask me for a manual analysis when I have an EcO Smart monitor?
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How to enter the results of a standard (non-iopool) strip test in the iopool app?

You can use the iopool application with any brand of pool test strips. However, we strongly recommend the use of iopool test strips as they provide an accurate analysis of 6 fundamental water balance parameters.

Have you run out of iopool strips or have a residual stock of other strips? No problem, you can encode the results of any test strip in the app and get a recommendation of suitable treatments.

If you don't have an iopool pack, you can encode a test strip directly.

Follow the instructions for using pool/spa test strips.

Switch on the parameters measured by your strip and select the measured values.

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