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(New - USA Only) Referral Program
(New - USA Only) Referral Program

Spread your love for iopool and get rewards

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The new iopool referral program dedicated to the USA took effect on 19th May 2022. The referral program is powered by the company ReferralCandy.

How does it work? Am I eligible?

Have you purchased an EcO Start pack from the iopool online store? Do you have a friend or family member interested in purchasing an EcO? Then you are eligible for the referral program.

How to proceed?

It's as easy as pie!

  1. Enter your email address (the one with which you purchased EcO Start);

  2. You can personalize your link with a name of your choice (optional);

  3. Click on the "Get an invitation link" button.

You will receive your personalized invitation link.

You can now share your invitation link with your friends. They will then get a unique $25 discount code valid on all EcO Start packs.

Once your friend has placed an order, you will automatically receive an email with your $25 code valid on the whole iopool store.

Please note that this program is limited to 10 referrals per person.

If you have any questions, please contact our team at

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