Change your EcO every two years to ensure its reliability

Thanks to its powerful battery and its low energy consumption, the connected EcO monitor has a minimum lifetime of two years (two seasons) without having to recharge it.

Like all pool monitors, the longevity of EcO is also limited by the lifetime of chemical water monitors. That’s why we recommend changing your EcO for a new one after 2 years.

Is EcO thrown in the trash?

Not at all! After 2 peaceful years in your pool, we recycle and recover your EcO to create a new one.

How to change my EcO?

  • As part of an EcO START pack, you will have to buy a new EcO (always accompanied by cleaning products).

  • As part of an EcO YEAR pack, the EcO will be exchanged at no extra cost.

Learn more about the parameters followed by EcO, the connected pool wizard.

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