What is the lifetime of my EcO?
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Change your EcO every two years to ensure its reliability

Thanks to its powerful battery and its low energy consumption, the connected EcO monitor has a minimum lifetime of two years (two seasons) without having to recharge it.

Like all pool monitors, the longevity of EcO is also limited by the lifetime of chemical water monitors. That’s why we recommend changing your EcO for a new one after 2 years.

Is EcO thrown in the trash?

Concerning your old probe, we invite you not to throw it away in the traditional waste garbage can, but to bring it to your nearest waste disposal center or sorting center so that it can be treated in the best way to reduce its environmental impact. (more)

How to change my EcO?

You will have to buy a replacement iopool module (99€).

The replacement module is only available in the iopool app store for users who already have an EcO.

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