How do I calibrate my EcO?
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The EcO calibration allows your smart monitor to adapt to the wear and tear of the electrochemical probe and thus take more accurate measurements, longer. Calibration is simply done by taking a measurement of a reference solution whose value is well known. Example: a pH 7 solution.

When should your EcO be calibrated?

  • It is not necessary to calibrate when the unit is received.

  • From the second season on, it is recommended to calibrate at the beginning of each season.

NB: If your Eco is never winterized (indoor pool, spa, Nordic bath,...), we advise performing a calibration every year.

The iopool Calibration Kit

Before calibrating your EcO, you must purchase an iopool calibration kit specially designed for the EcO iopool monitor :

How to perform the calibration?

  1. Remove EcO from the water, remove the silicone cap, and rinse the probe with clean water

  2. Take 3 narrow and clean containers to pour the different solutions into. You can also directly plunge your EcO into the buffer solution sachets (without the bottom cap).

  3. Activate the internet (Wi-Fi or 4G) and Bluetooth on your smartphone.

    NB: Stay close to your device during the whole calibration process.

  4. In the application, in "My pool/spa > Devices > EcO" press "Calibrate my EcO" and carefully follow the steps in the application.

  5. Once the calibration is complete, replace the silicone cap in the analysis position and put the EcO back in your pool or spa.

Here is a complete tutorial that shows how to calibrate your EcO

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