How to put your EcO in standby and store it during the winter.

We suggest that you to take your EcO out of the water and store it during the winter. This is intended to extend its longevity and prevent possible degradation of your monitor due to too low of temperatures.

For more information on winterizing your pool, read our article on this subject.

To put your EcO in Winter Mode, you need to:

  • Take the EcO out of the water,

  • Return the bottom cap and fill it with water,

  • Put your EcO to sleep with the iopool app,

  • Store your EcO vertically and freeze free.

Each step of this winterization is detailed and illustrated in the iopool application.

Go in My Pool > My EcO > enter wintering mode.

You must be connected to the internet and have the Bluetooth of your phone activated.

During the step, “Switching your monitor over winter“, the iopool application switches your EcO from active mode to standby mode. This step may take a few seconds.
If this screen remains stuck for more than a minute, please close your iopool application, bring your EcO near your smartphone and restart winterizing from the beginning.

After having completed all the steps of winterizing your EcO, store it carefully upright and sheltered from the cold.

Encounter a problem when winterizing your EcO? We do not winter!

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