What is the iopool Bluetooth / WiFi relay used for?

iopool now offers a Bluetooth/WiFi Gateway as an accessory to connect your EcO pool water analyzer to your home's Wi-Fi. Would you like to get a new water analysis every 15 minutes even when you are not near the pool? This gateway is made for you.

How iopool relay work?

  • You connect your WiFi Gateway to a standard household socket;

  • Thanks to a simple configuration in the app, connect the extender to your WiFi network;

  • The extender picks up each analysis sent by your EcO and transmits it directly to our servers. You can then access your water analysis and recommendations on your smartphone in real-time, wherever you are (at home or elsewhere).

Functional diagram of the iopool relay

The Bluetooth/WiFi Gateway must be positioned within the Bluetooth range of your EcO and the WiFi in your home. Preferably indoor outlets, in your garden shed, garage or other.

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