How to share your pool

Discover how you can share access to your pool data.

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Why share my pool?

  • Do you have several people at home managing the swimming pool?;

  • Are you going on vacation and want to delegate pool maintenance to a neighbor or loved one?;

  • Are you renting out your house with a swimming pool and want to offer visualization of the parameters to your tenants?

You can now easily share your pool on several smartphones.

How do I share my pool?

  1. In the iopool app, click on "My pool (my spa)" then "Shares" then "Share my pool"

  2. Then choose the rights that you grant to the person with whom you share the swimming pool:

    1. In read-only mode, the person will be able to consult the analyzes in the app, but will not be able to carry out treatments;

    2. With the authorized actions, by checking the "switch" button, the person can perform treatments in the app.

  3. Then share your pool either by email or using the QR code and its unique code.

animation illustrating the access sharing of the iopool application

How do I add a shared pool to my app?

If you don't have an iopool account yet

  1. Download and install the iopool app from Google PlayStore or App Store;

  2. Create an account in the app if you don't already have one;

  3. Select "I received an invitation";

  4. Add the shared pool using the QR code or the code received by email.

If you already have an iopool account and a pool or spa

  1. Access the "My swimming pool (my spa)" menu;

  2. Press the "+" button in the upper right corner of the page;

  3. Click on "Confirm" to create a second pool;

  4. Follow the process of adding a shared pool above.

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