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How to connect your pHin-xxxx smart monitor to the iopool app
How to connect your pHin-xxxx smart monitor to the iopool app

You are the owner of a smart monitor device (not iopool branded) and you want to use it with iopool app.

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How to get started?

  1. Download the app and create your iopool account;

  2. Create and customize your swimming pool/spa (more info).

How to connect my pHin-xxxx monitor?

  1. You are now on the Dashboard. Go to “My pool”/”My spa” and then on “Devices”;

  2. Tap on “Other devices”;

  3. Get your smart monitor close (at Bluetooth range) and tap on “Scan for a device”;

  4. Once your device is linked you should be able to see its unique identifier;

  5. Come back to the Dashboard and get your latest measurement;

  6. After 2 valid measurements (+/- 30minutes) you should get your first treatment recommendation on the dashboard.

💡 iopool app requires that you move near your pHin-xxxx Monitor to receive its Bluetooth signal. It may take up to 30 seconds for the app to find your monitor.

I have a pHin-xxxx WiFi Bridge, how to use it with the iopool app?

Unfortunately, the bridge won't work with the iopool app. You will only be able to use your monitor through Bluetooth (BLE) connection with your smartphone.

The good news is iopool offers a probe comparable to pHin and a WiFi Gateway that has the same function. Don't delay in replacing your pHin with an EcO and its WiFi gateway. More info about EcO Smart Monitor and its Gateway

My pHin-xxxx is in Winter Mode or has never been activated yet.

If you’ve never set up your monitor or it is in Winter Mode, you will need to wake it up by swiping the white end cap over the water drop until the LED blinks slowly.
Then tap again on the “Scan for a device" button.

What about pHin Support?

iopool is here to help you use the iopool app. You get access to our in-app FAQ and Chatbot support to solve most of your issues and questions.

iopool cannot be responsible for any issue regarding a device that is not sold by iopool. So if you have an issue with your pHin-xxxx device we won't be able to fix it.

If you are interested in acquiring the EcO smart monitor to replace your pHin, feel free to contact us at or check our webshop.

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